1 cr., 4hrs. on 7 Fridays scheduled at the first 2hr. meeting of the class.
Fri. 10AM-1:50PM

Michael Branson Smith
Twitter: @mbransons
Email: michaelbransonsmith [at] gmail [dot] com
Office Hours: M 12-2PM, or by appointment
Phone: 718-262-2853

Course Description: Students learn to develop a portfolio relevant to their chosen concentration in the Communications Technology Major. Professional statement writing and the fundamentals of analog, digital and web-based portfolios will be covered. Critique of fellow students’ portfolio elements is a requirement of the course.

Learning Objectives: To develop an understanding of, and the abilities for,

•        Understand portfolio types and purposes

•        Select and use existing portfolio technologies

•        Select portfolio samples

•        Rework samples for portfolio presentation

•        Prepare a resume and a cover letter

•        Write an artist’s statement

•        Write a critical self-evaluation

•        Develop a project proposal

•        Conduct an internship search

•        Submit work to a festival or competition

•        Collect appropriate reference letters

•        Organize and present a portfolio

•        Update and store a lifelong portfolio

Required materials for class: York College Portal account for creating your York College WordPress Blog. A YouTube Account and a Flckr Account. Access to work completed in previous classes and outside of class.



9/20 10AM-12PM

 Wordpress setup, Flickr, Youtube, Your Future Self

9/27 10AM-2PM

Finding the path taken. Draft Resume

10/11 10AM-2PM

Two Week Creative Challenge

10/25 10AM-2PM

Finding Internship Opportunities, & Curating Your Work

11/8 10AM-2PM

Final project syllabus first draft, resume complete, contacts for internships, script for cold call/email, comment on other blogs

11/22 10AM-12PM

Calling HR departments, personal reference draft, comment on other blogs

12/6 10AM-12PM

Final draft or project proposal, comment on other blogs

12/20 10AM-12PM

Clean up final portfolio, peer review

05/18 10AM-12PM

Presentation and faculty review




Homework                                                 50%
Portfolio Faculty Critique – see I.l above.               25%
Portfolio Student Evaluation – see I.m above.        25%

Policy on INC grades:

  1. The student must be passing the course, and have work remaining to complete the course requirements.
  2. The student must request an INC grade.
  3. The instructor must approve whether the student has a valid reason for not completing course requirements and has reasonable expectation that the student can in fact successfully complete the requirements of the course within the allotted time.

Pollcy on Academic Integrity: York’s Academic Integrity Policy & Procedures, developed to conform to the CUNY policy on Academic Integrity, can be found at:

Policy on accommodations for disabled students: Information about the services provided to students at York College can be found at the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, located in room AC-1002, and on-line at:

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