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Google search of my name: Yaisuri Salamanca

I did a search of my name: Yaisuri Salamaca on Google and this is what I found:

google_yaisurisalamancaOn the first and second line, we can see my personal website for dancing and my shoe  business. The third line is my LinkedIn Account that contains my dance professional resume. The next four lines are about my most recent and viewed performances. The eighth line is my Facebook account for my personal profile. The next line shows a row of images of my dancing. Then, I can see a link to my biography from the latest contract I had in the United Kingdom. Before the last line, I can see my shoe business page on Facebook. The last line of the first page links to my Google plus profile which contains publicity of my shoe business. The clue words that Google display to find other search of my name are: yaisuri salamanca tango, yaisuri salamanca salsa, contact yaisuri salamanca and tango wear shoes. There are 12 pages that links to my name.

In the second page, there is a link to my Flickr account that goes to my dance pictures. The second links goes to my Google Plus profile that contains a mix of my shoes business information, dancing and a school project. The third line links to my DS106 account which shows very cool little posts and projects. The fourth line is my web designer website. Yeah! The next two links are about teaching Tango classes. The next website links to my WordPress Web Designer site which show some of my personal information as phone and email account. mmm I should erase that! Before the last link, I can see a review of my dancing skill which is awesome.

In the third page, I found this profile: which contains information of my business that is not updated and also that I do not want to display. I have also found another profile that is not updated and that has been created automatically based on my information on the web: Some more good reviews about my teaching skills =) Again, my business is being listed on this website that ask me to claim it and updated it

In the fourth page, I can see my Twitter account  and more information about my dancing and teaching. Also, found that I will be assisting to the New York Shoe Expo: I have forgotten about this -(

In the fifth page, I have my SoundCloud account and more dancing and teaching reviews.

In the sixth page, my SquareUp shoe business account which is an E-commerce solution. It is very important to keep it updated: There are couple of Tango Videos that I would like not to display but I do not know how to do this =(

 The rest of the pages are more reviews about my dancing and teaching with different dance partners. The last page is not really my name.

I definitely would like to update all my profiles in the web and to position my shoe business, dancing and web design websites in the first page. Then, I would like to erase couple of videos that I do not like and that somebody else posted them and tagged me. Also, I would like to erase my personal phone number from the web and other personal information as well.

Cultivating Your ‘Real Name’ or Not

After Google searching my name, there was barely any information that popped up. I tried searching under Nick Garcia, Nicholas Garcia, #NickGarcia, and the only thing that popped up was a picture of a logo that was created a while back and I to scroll all the way to the end of the Google images search in order to see it. The first thing to pop up was a soccer player named Nick Garcia. I was able to find a little more things about myself and work when I searched under my production team name ClearBoxPictures. I was able to find the new logo me and my team designed, and a couple of images from our Instagram. I honestly expected this to happen because I’m not really one to post myself on the web often. I like my privacy and even with having a professional Facebook up it’s still hard to find me. A couple of things I am doing to fix this a bit is tagging my name more often when I post work etc. I’m in the brainstorm process of creating a professional blog with my best work. This way it would allow future business to find me and see what I have to offer easily. This is necessary for me to do especially with the career choice I am interested in.

Alasia’s “Internship Oppurtunities” Post

Internship 1
1.Name: Viacom

2. Location: 43rd street between 6th and Broadway, Building # 1515 on the 52nd floor New York, NY 10036
4.Human Resources Manager/ College Relations at Viacom/ Intern Coordinator: Andrea Sabia
Description Of Company: Viacom is short for Video and Audio Communications, and the CEO of Viacom is Philippe Dauman. Viacom was founded on January 3rd in the year of 2006. Viacom produces shows such as Jersey Shore, MobWives, and SpongeBobSquarePants and plenty more of your   favorite shows. Viacom produces all types of shows and films for both infants, teens, and adults. Viacom is the type of company full of diversity and uniqueness which is definitely a place where I can see myself working in. Viacom believes in having everyone’s voices heard and allows everyone to be themselves when allowing their inner creativity to come out. The size of Viacom is huge, they own a variety of entertainment businesses such as Paramount, Insurge, MTV Films, Nickelodeon Movies, VH1, Comedy Central, B.E.T. and a lot more. They expect their employees to give their all, being that the entertainment industry is a very competitive business both business and salary wise.
The Kind Of Jobs They Have For Internships: Currently at Viacom they are accepting Production applicants for Spring 2014. They have internships for all sorts of departments such as, Development, Production Management, Programming Scheduling, Production, Digital Media/Online Production, and Talent&Casting. After reading the descriptions of each and every department in which they are hiring internships for, I believe that I will fit well inside of the Talent&Casting Department, Digital Media/Online Production, Development, and Production Departments. The Talent&Casting Department is in charge of booking talent for the channel and they must have video editing skills in Final cut pro, Avid, and Imovie. The Digital Media Department is in charge of the digital presence of shows they produce and work close with social media and blogging in order to bring in a bigger audience. The Development Department is in charge of switching shows from pilots to pitches, and the Production Department is in charge of transcribing footage, doing production runs, edits, research, for both shows and radio.
Examples Of Work They Do That I Like: [youtube][/youtube]

Internship 2
1.Name: B.E.T.
2.Location: 1500 West 44th street and Broadway on 2nd floor New York, NY 10036
3.Telephone: 212-205-3000

4. Human Resources Administrative Assistant/Internship Coordinator: Briana Strachan
5. Website:
Description Of Company: BET is short for Black Entertainment Television and they are best known for their award shows like the BET Hip Hop Awards, and Urban music. They also produce live shows such as “106 n Park” where they do the top 10 music countdown for the audiences favorite songs, and other TV shows like “The Game”, and some reality shows as well. BET is all about fashion, music, celebrity life, and African American culture and news. BET was founded by Robert L. Johnson on January 25th 1980, and is now owned by Viacom. BET was blocked by Nickelodeon in 1980 due to criticism on the channel, and it didn’t become independent until 1983. The CEO is now Debra Lee, once Robert Johnson retired he passed his title for the channel over to Debra in 2005. The shows, films, and movies BET produces is mainly for a much mature crowd, preferably 16 and up based on some of the content on the channel. BET has other sister channels such as BET gospel, BET Hip-Hop, and Centric. BET is committed to providing its employees with both a diverse and inclusive work environment, and its interns real life experience.
The Kind Of Jobs They Have For Internships: BET has internships for the Spring, Fall, and Summer semesters. Currently BET has no internships available on their website, but the Fall application link will soon be posted on their website. However, they do explain to you the step by step process in sending both you resume, and cover letter and internship application to the website. It says college credit is not required, but the company will provide your college with credit documentation. Also, interns are paid at a standard and competitive hourly rate, and must commit 10 weeks, 35 hours per week maximum with the company.

Examples Of Work They Do That I Like: [youtube][/youtube]

Internship 3
1.Name: Comcast Entertainment Group
2. Location:1500 West 44th street and Broadway on 29th floor New York, NY 10036
3.Telephone: 212-575-3560
4.Internship Coordinator: Dahvi Shira
5. Website:
Description Of Company: Comcast is the home and producers of E Entertainment, Style Network, and G4 TV. This entertainment company deals with both the hollywood life, fashion, technology, and entertainment news. Comcast Entertainment Group is based in Los Angeles, California and is a 24- hour network. Comcast was founded by Ralph Roberts, Daniel Aaron, and Julian Brodsky on June 28th  1963. Their total assets came out to $164.971 billion in 2012, and their net income came out to $6.203 billion in 2012. Comcast is said to be the largest mass media and communication company in the world by revenue, and largest cable and internet service provider in the U.S.
The Kind Of Jobs They Have For Internships: Comcast has internships for all departments such as Editorial, Public Relations, New Media, Production, Casting, International, Program Planning, Finance, Marketing, Music, and Graphics. Interns must complete 16 hours a week for at least 3 months, all majors are invited but everyone must receive academic credit for it. The kind of jobs that this company gives out to its interns are jobs for those who love technology, animation, style, gossip, and horror movies etc. Comcast promises to give all of its interns an amazing experience both inside and outside of their company. The website does not have any internship opportunities posted as of now.

Examples Of Work They Do That I Like: [youtube][/youtube]

Alasia’s “Cultivating Your Real Name or Not” Post

When people type in my name on Google, I wold like all of my work to show up in the results. By that I mean that I would like my television production work to show up, any documentaries I have done, any audio recordings, animations done in aftereffects, or classwork I have done to show up as results publicly. Basically all of the work, videos, writings, and projects that I have posted online I would like each and every one of them to show up. As of now, when I type in my first and last name on Google search so far all of the work I have posted online from my current and previous classes are visible. I also have pictures of my modeling portfolio website and other websites that I am on as well. However, I want the most important thing people to know me for is my production work. I would like more of my work to be showcased online, and I think that one way I can start working on that is by maybe beginning to create my own website. Somewhere where instead of my work being all over the place, it could instead be in one safe and secure place for the world to see. I would just think of it as my own online website portfolio, and have my contact information where people could see what i have done and they will contact me for any booking inquiries once they have seen my work and are interested enough to hiring me for whatever they need me to do. I would like my website to be very creative and have amazing designs, fonts, and even photography/video work that will really make people want to click on it and have them very impressed. This to me I think is a great way to get myself out there and sort of freelance myself and have my name known as a person who is very serious in becoming apart of the communications technology business.

Website Progress

So far I have been busy for the past couple of weeks with this website build. I have started to structure it as well as fit some content in there. This is what I have so far.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.42.49 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.43.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.43.18 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.43.28 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.43.42 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.43.52 PM

From the streets into a classroom

What originally started as an idea of writers and their struggle for respect and their routine became something more meaningful to our group developing our series of graffiti. We decided to explore an aspect never really discussed before, having artist teaching in classrooms. Now, the idea may seem basic but we find it fascinating that what was once seen so incriminating (still is) and a form of vandalism is being taught in classrooms!

Having Ryan Seslow in the mix is not only an honor but a wonderful addition. He brings a sense of humility and enlightenment that we never could imagine could be involved in a world that’s seen as so underground and almost grungy.  Aside from having Seslow discuss his involvement into the classrooms and how his own art is an influence to his lessons, we follow graffiti writer Part 1 as he too teaches an art course to high school students on developing their own writer identity. It’s a terrific journey that we follow these kids and their mentors as they both fall in this rabbit hole of wisdom, history, and a struggle for respect.

Alasia’s Final Project Idea

For my final project I came up with the idea of kind of doing a documentary on one of my mothers closest friends, whom happens to be a homosexual and a transexual. His name is Myron, and he is one of the most courageous and sweetest person i’ve ever met. Myron use to work with my mother in retail and is now a firefighter. I met him when visiting my mother at work, and he did a great job in hiding his inner self because I never would of expected him to be this type of person. Now I know they say to never judge a person by how they look on the outside, but my first impression of Myron was that he was a normal guy meaning that he was attracted to the opposite sex. However, as I grew to know him I later realized that that wasn’t the case. Myron later mentioned during a conversation with both my mother and I that he wanted a “sex change operation surgery” and that is when I thought to myself, “wow he is homosexual and is also a transgendered who really wants to become a women”. I have nothing against this at all , but I must say I was shocked, and that you can never judge someone at first sight because you’ll be surprised what you find later on. Myron sends both my mother and I before and after pictures of him transforming himself from a man to a women, and he really hides it well. Myron puts on makeup, women’s clothing, and wigs when going outside on a normal day off, and he actually looks like a female and he even says to my mother and I that when he comes outside dressed as a women even men that are attracted to only women try to approach him. I chose to do my documentary on Myron because Myron has an amazing story to tell on both his reasons for becoming a homosexual and transexual man, and also wants everyone to know how hard it was hiding it at first, and the people he has lost when coming out and proving who he really wants to be. He will also share his obstacles and the negative things he has faced when turning into the person he is today, even being the only homosexual and transexual in his firefighting job. I will record Myron with the hmc-40 camera and lavalier. I would like to record him in a variety of locations, some being his job, his home, and where he hangs. So, I can’t wait to start!

Final Project Idea : * A Home Away From Home

The series is going to be about the love of the game and the heights the game has taking players that I’ve met at York college, and how basketball (may include other sports)  has helped them learn life lessons.  As well as the platform that it has helped set for them. I chose this project for the fact that I am a student athlete and sometimes people assume that because you are that you have it made and there is no real essential talent that goes into it. There are people who play for fun and their are people who play or engage in these activities because it is more than just a game to them. I will want to portray what the game or chosen sport means to each player. For me it was always a form of therapy. Time frame 5-7 mins each.

The first thing i want to establish is the common setting and the connection between the people. In doing so i will do an opening shot of the Health and Physical Education Building of York College more so focusing on the building in its entirety and the scenic setting because the building is the main domain for student athletes and coaches. Each Talent will have a shot of them coming from different directions to the building.

The second thing i want to establish will be there connection to the sport which gives them common ground but their experiences will set them apart. In the sense i will have a coach and player aspect and also show their engagement with the sport and others while they interact with this sport. Will incorporate the interview segment in the body of their segment.

The closing structure is what I’m having trouble with i think i want the last scene to the talent in the gym by their selves with the ball as if in there own zone and a shot of the ball just bouncing and then rolling. Im not really sure though I’m open to feed back. Thanks in advance

Drafting your Final Project Proposal

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Brian Tobin

The final project class CT 401 requires that you submit a proposal for approval before you may register for the class. This proposal should serve as a blueprint for how you plan to complete your project by the end of the semester in which you register for final project.

Why do you need to do this? Why bother with a detailed plan? There are really two answers to this actually. The obvious one is that if you have a good plan, it shows you’re prepared and ready to do the work it will take to complete your final project. But the more important reason to have a good plan is that it will allow you to be more creative. How?

Good plans are ones that show tremendous amounts of preparation. But as  the old saying goes, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray,’ and it is for this reason that I would argue being well prepared allows you to work through the problems with your plan that will inevitably arise. Your ability to adapt a plan is developed by working very diligently on the original plan itself. In making a detailed plan you are likely to discover gaps that need to be filled before you even start your project. So when the unexpected gaps are revealed during the project, you’ve already had practice filling them.

We approach your proposal by thinking about the following:

  1. A precise description of the scope of the project. (For example if you plan to make a film, a treatment must be attached)
  2. A description of the relevance of the project. (Who is your audience? Why make this project?)
  3. A timeline for completion of the project (production schedule) including dates for meeting various “milestones.”
  4. Resources you will need for this project and how you will get them.
  5. Places you plan to exhibit the project. (Online, in the small theater, etc.)

As you start your proposal, you will need to create your own syllabus for the class. Effectively detailing what you will make, how, resources, timeline, and even how you wish for your project to be evaluated for a final grade. Use this skeleton syllabus which explains each part to be completed.


What’s Your Taste?

You spent week creating something everyday and posting it on this blog. You may not have actually done everyday. Why not? But regardless I believe that you revealed something about your taste in what you like to make and how you made it.

My taste is to brainstorm ideas for my new website. I want to make an online shop where people can create their own product. It would be something like this: I have a made a research and a company charges $14.000 dollars to make it. This company: Then, there is another company that charges $5.000. At this point, I have decided to either do it my self or not doing it at all.

I have other taste, it is to design shoes. As part of my business I have to design a new collection of shoes every season. Now, I am working on the fall-winter collection. For this, I visit galleries and museums to get ideas and to refresh my mind. I also look at women feet a lot and visit shoe stores every time I walk by one. Then, I choose a day when I can sit down with different prints of shoe styles and materials color and start making combinations. All this is based on the clientele that buy shoes from me already and the tendency of the market depending on the best seller brands and shoe styles which I research by going to similar websites and businesses like mine.

Also, I am working on designing the publicity like business cards, postcards and a catalog. This consumes a lot of time because I do several different designs and is difficult to come up with something that is creative but at the same time is not confusing and says what I want to say. I like to create things that are simple to read but with a good taste look. I am happy with the color selection but I have a lot of difficulties coming up with a clean layout and idea.

Because designing and brainstorming is a must, I dedicate good time of my week in creating and thinking of new ideas to build up good taste to be successful. In general, I am always reading, thinking and listening to radio.