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Finishing Trophies

1. Internship Plan – Semester you plan to complete the CT 490 or CT 491 class. Have you identified an actual location or not. If it’s next semester or the subsequent (spring or summer) is the contact confirmed? Have you made arrangements with Daniel between the location supervisor and him?

I am planning my internship in Summer 2014. I have not made any arrangements yet.

2. Final Project Plan – Have you drafted a plan using the syllabus I attached? Have you had it reviewed by Prof. Smith? Do you have a semester in mind to complete your final project?

Yes. I have drafted a plan using the syllabus attached. I will forward it to Prof. Smith immediately. I would like to complete my final project in Spring 2014.

3. Digital Presence Plan – You were supposed to have written about your ‘ego surfing’(googling oneself), and from that you were supposed to have thought about how you’d like to frame yourself online. This is not only a big decision, but an ever evolving process – domain of one’s own? Social Networks? Aggregating to another space? Pseduonymetry?  Try to articulate where you are with your digital presence and what you are doing to change it or plans for change. Are you intentional enough with what you are putting online to frame yourself academically? Professionally? And even your personality?

I have written a ego surfing already. I would like to frame my self with a strong business , professional web designer and professional dancer image. I have a domain for each of them and social network. However, I am not intentional enough with what I am putting online to frame myself academically, professionally and personally.

My Plan

On first line of my ego surfing, I would like to show my tango shoes business. Second, I would like to show my dancing skills and third line , I would like to show my web design skills. At the moment, The first and the second one are happening when I Google myself. However, nobody knows about my webdesign skills until I go to to the second page fourth link which shows my web designer site. Thus, I would like this result to be in the first lines from the first page of my ego surfing.



Unfortunately i have  not located a location for my internship and I’m still waiting on responses. My initial plan was to take it this coming spring with Final Project so i can be done. I’m looking forward to getting one and the things ill learn. I have drafted my plan for Final Project according to the syllabus attached and i have not submitted it to Professor Mike. I would like to have it registered for it for this coming spring as well.

I’m  working on the framing of my identity online now because a lot of these social networks i inhibit but i do not own these spaces meaning that i do not  really participate in the conversations/culture.  i would like to frame my personality in these spaces under my pseudo name. I want my pseudo name to be attached to me and my personality. My frame is more academic and professional not so much personality in being that a lot of my work was done for school and not passion.


Googling myself

So I went online and googled my name to see what the vast sea of the interwebs has to show me about myself. I was hoping to see previous work show up that I had uploaded online for school projects in the past as well as possibly some accurate facebook information. Turns out none of this came up! Not even on the second page! It was a little disheartening to see how many other Alejandro Baez’s exist in this world. I found this a little weird being that all the sites I go on, for example YouTube, is linked to my google plus profile under my real name and still did not show up. Instead I saw a bunch of mugshots of guys from Mexico. Never knew my first name was a predominantly Mexican name. I also came across various Twitter handles with my name in them. I do also have a twitter but it is under a completely different handle that does not pertain to my name at all. This made me realize that this was all done on purpose and I just forgot I had done it. About 6 months ago the whole NSA situation got me real paranoid, and in turn I decided to go on all my social networks and strip as much personal information off of them as possible. I know realize that if I want to make anywhere in this business, a strong social presence is needed. Therefore I began to populate my vimeo, twitter, and facebook with some real info.

It’s finally Over (not yet)

So everything for me planned out pretty well for next semester. My goal was to get a internship for my last semester.Im happy that I was offered an internship at upsidebusiness. Which provide services for consulting, websites, social media, video production and more. This is perfect for me because I believe this will give me an opportunity to increase my capacity in ever area I work in. I really want to gain experience and learn and who knows hopefully gets hired.



Not only will I learn but possibly help change there image and branding. I want to be asset to the company not just an intern. However, I desire to bring my innovative ideas and help transform with my new skills.



As for final project I decided to partner up with Larrisa Lamothe . We plan to build a online network.

Description of our online network

SAR ( Spark a Revolution) website:

The objective is to create a platform for Christian or inspirational creatives (film makers, musical artists, poets, graphic designers, animators, etc) to share their work, as well as inspirational speakers (preachers) share messages 10-15 min. (max time). Videos will be submitted to our emails and the ones that we approve of will be embedded to the website. Creatives have two options on how to send us their material, they can either dropbox their videos or upload it to vimeo and send us the link.  The speakers are only allowed to send us their Youtube links (since the ones we contacted only use Youtube)


The reason for this website is because, there really is not a platform for those of the Christian faith to display their work and interact with others who are interested in the same thing.  The website will be designed by Lakeya (me) and I will focus on the video content. As for video content, every two weeks we will feature one creative and one speaker. There will be a 2-3 interview/ doc discussing their life and how they made it to this point in life. All the videos will be recorded and edited before the actual launch of the website.



  • Once the semester begin we will already have establish the website development.
  • During the course of the semester we will be shooting short documenaries of our guess and thoughs that being featured on the website.
  • Advertisments  to build up the momentum of the project to get people excited and speculating about this network.
  • Social cam and youtube commercials, utilizing social media to gain an audience
  • By mid semester Larissa and I should have the site and documentaries (partly done)
  • Last but not least the launch of the site.


Example websites of setups

Rocnation – The set up of rocnation is exactly how we want the site to be, visual presence. It has an easy access platform to everything, music, videos, news and more.

Black Gospel –  Black Gospel is about the same idea

Just to name a few this is not a streaming site all videos will be upload and embedded in the website. We will provide time frames to the clients when it would be uploaded.


Tools we will need:

  • Web hosting ( Godaddy which I already have established)
  • Domain name
  • Cameras and lighting for our documentaries
  • Vimeo account
  • Social media ( Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

In addition, we will be advertising and branding this online network by the end of the semester hoping to have over 5,000 views and people coming to our site. This will not stop for final project but we plan to extend it.


My digital presence:

I pretty much use my freelancing company as my identity, to keep consistency. My company is called  Creative Revolution Media. Most people Identify there selves with there companies they own, not nessecarily have there name branded. All though it is more preferable that I should have my porfolio with my name on it I don’t. I developed a twitter, facebook and website under the name creativerevolutionmedia because im trying to brand and expand the company, as well as I forstated keep consistency in building my digital presence.

I currently have Facebook, twitter and instagram. I have more publicity and more knowledgable on facebook then any other. I do believe I need to expand my digital presence. Most of the time when I communicate as Lakeya Johnson on facebook it’s personal, it’s my personality.

Final Reflections

1. I plan on completing the CT 490 class (internship) by the Summer semester. I haven’t gotten into contact with any companies yet, but I have an idea of the companies I would like to intern for. I spoke to a fellow CT class mate who gave me info on where to search for internships well.

2. I have drafted a plan using the syllabus provided by Prof Smith,  and spoke to him about it. I’m looking to take the final project class in the spring. I’m working on a short film (Fiction), I hope to have it fully shot by the time the semester starts, and use the semester to work on the editing portion of the film.

3. After taking the time to research myself, I realized with a common name like Nick Garcia, it would be very difficult to spot me online. Therefore I’m looking into developing my name for a professional level. At this point, I only have a Facebook which I use to promote my short films and production company with. I also have an Instagram and Tumbler, however those 2 media forums are under the production name of clear box pictures. After listening to the advice of one of the students in our class I realized the importance of having a name for yourself, rather than just a name behind a group. So I’m looking forward to developing my name in the future.

Alasia’s CT 399 Post On Internship, Final Project Proposal, & Digital Presence

During the course of this class i must say that I have learned a lot on what “researching” actually is, and discovering new things every single day. From the beginning of the semester until now, I have learned a lot about myself in terms of my career and the steps i will take to achieve it. I learned the difference between applying for an internship and actually going out to get one, which i finally have and will be starting in the Spring (CT490) that has been confirmed by Daniel. I will, be interning for a with a Multimedia Production company doing plenty of production work such as filming videos off and on set with my employer, editing, and even doing some broadcasting work. I already started completing some hours for my internship, i started on November 29th, and my first job was helping to film a concert for a caribbean music singer named Sanchez, who i also got a chance to interview on camera and i did plenty of behind the scenes work with the video production crew i worked with on that day.   I am really looking forward to achieving both great work, and my digital presence. As of now, my digital presence is mainly my YouTube and Vimeo channel. I post all of my animation work and videos and all of the projects I have completed in my current and previous classes/semesters in the hopes that everyone would see my work and give me feedback on it. I kind of am currently using YouTube as a “backup portfolio” until i start reclaiming my old website domain which was and maybe sort of using that site to have all of my work under, and more professional. When it comes to my final project, I do have my plan, but i have not yet proposed it to Prof. Smith because i am planning on taking the Final Project class in the Fall of 2014 in which will be my last semester at York, and since it would be the final project of my year i would rather spend more time on that, rather than fitting it into my crazy schedule for next semester. In one of my blog posts i talk about my final project idea, which is a documentary on a  transgendered male. After taking then CT 210 class, i noticed that I have more of a passion for filming and making individual pieces that have a story behind it.


Who am I?

Who am I ?
When I google my name by itself my affiliation with York College Women’s Basketball is the first thing that comes up. When I add video to my name a mini documentary of mines comes up that was on YouTube. As well as my Facebook account although it’s pseudo named but all the references on the first page are me as the pages start to turn less of them are me. Id like my most recent work to come up when my name is googled. My blog is currently disabled so when I reenable it id like it to come up first because that is where all my work is. When my name is googled that is what i would like to be shown first.