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Creative Challenge Day 13 (9-13-13)

For this creative challenge i had to choose a line from one of my favorite songs and then put it in a text inside of a picture that kinds of represents the lyric, so I can give others a feel of what the lyric really means and how it sort of connects to the picture. This assignment i got from the assignment bank from and you can click on the link above to read more. the reason why I chose to do this challenge is because i love music and it seemed really fun to do this. Here is the picture below and for my choice of song i chose the song, “We can’t stop” by Miley Cyrus, I chose this song because i love the lyrics and it has a very fun beat to it, and I chose the lyric, “Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya” and here is the picture below that i felt represented that the most.


I started my own little freelance business where I make logos and business cards. To ease the workload I have been making random vectors of all kinds that I might end up using again. I made this demented cupcake


Creative Challenge Day 12 (9-12-13)

For this creative challenge i looked in the DS106 visual assignment bin and i chose to do this daily create (click on the link above). For this challenge i had to find a picture of someone or something doing something wrong. So i chose to find a picture of a person doing something wrong, and in the picture below i found a man riding a motorcycle trying to do a trick, but ended up doing it the wrong way, thus causing him to fall face first on the motorcycle, and failing in his attempt to do the trick. I chose to do this challenge because i figured it would be funny, yet fun researching images of people doing wrong things.

Creative Challenge Day 11 (9-11-13)

For this creative challenge i chose to look inside of the DS106 assignment bank, and i chose to do a visual assignment. Here is the link for the assignment

For the assignment, I had to find a picture of a cat and add a shakespeare quotation to it. The reason why i chose to do this assignment is because i think that Shakespeare has a lot of interesting quotes, and i think cats are adorable.


Creative Challenge Day 10 (9-10-13)

imageedit_5_9687482848 soo-cute-3-dogs-1120747_1280_1024For this creative challenge I used the online editing software lunapic once again but instead i used the effect called Pencil sketch to add to one of the images of a dog i found on google image search. I really enjoy using this site because like I said before you can find so many effects and i love trying out everything. The reason why I chose to add a effect to a dog is because dogs are my favorite animals, and the reason why I chose to add a pencil sketch to it is because i wanted to make the dog look less realistic as opposed to the way it looks in the original picture. The first picture is the pencil sketch, and the second pic is the original.


Creative Challenge Day 9 (9-9-13)

For this creative challenge once again I chose to use the free online editing software luna pic and i browsed through one of my favorite pictures on the google image search which is pictures of the sunset. After that, I uploaded the picture to lunapic and i chose the cool effect called “groovy rainbow”. I chose this effect because it looked very cool and kind of went with the sunset theme since sometimes when you see a sunset their is usually a rainbow above it… if it is raining, and the effect looks so nice. So, here is the picture below of the sunset with the groovy rainbow effect, and the picture underneath is the actual picture without the groovy rainbow effect .


Creative Challenge Day 8 (9-8-13)

For this creative challenge i chose to use the free editing software called “lunapic” and i added a thermal effect to a picture of flowers. I really enjoy using this free online editing site because it has so many different tools and effects that i can play around with and make such an ordinary picture into something even more abstract, or simply just more interesting and fun to look at. The first picture below is the regular picture of the flowers before the effects, and the picture underneath it is the thermal effect added to it.

Creative Challenge

nike ad1


I’m kind of late getting to the creative challenge i was indecisive in what i wanted to do. This is actually my first one.  I created this in Photoshop, i chose this idea because Nike is one of my favorite brands but sometimes it feel like they promote some of the wrong aspects for student-athletes, so i chose for them to promote graduating. On a normal billboard on the side of the road. The process was fun.