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Mixlr Tutorial

As all of you know by now, I am doing a Radio Show entitled “Lyrical Graffiti” as my final project. Many have wondered how I put on such a quality production whilst working from home. In this blog post, I will now do a tutorial on how I set up the software for my shows. The first thing you will need is a microphone (preferrably USB). I personally use the Yeti Pro which has an excellent sound quality. It will also help to have a high quality pair of headphones to be able to monitor your sound. I use the Beats By Dr. Dre Pros. It is very important that you plug your headphones into your microphone as opposed to your computer. Now the way I set up will not be for everyone as it all depends on what mic you have. Here is a pic of my setup:



Next you will need to download four programs if you dont already have them: Mixlr, Itunes, Audacity, and Skype. All four of these programs are FREE. First you will start by opening Mixlr:



After you open Mixlr, you should scroll over to the audio source tab. From there you need to click on the audio source tab. From there you should see the scroll down menu that says audio source. From there you will need to select what device you will use.




As I stated before, my mic is the Yeti Pro. Now it is VERY IMPORTANT that you choose your microphone the first time it is listed. This is important as the first listing is listed under what they call a “loopback device”. The second option is an input device. Choosing your mic as a loop back device is very important as it will enable mixlr to broadcast whatever you hear in your headphones as well as whatever sound the mic picks up as an input device will only allow mixlr to broadcast what the mic picks up. Also, from here you will need to open the program Audacity.



From here the first thing you should do is go to the microphone icon and right click the upside down triangle to the right of it. From here, you should scroll down and click on the “Start Monitoring” tab.



Following this, you should scroll to the left and select your input source, which in my case is the Yeti Pro.



From here, you should see green and red bars highlighted in audacity above the aforementioned microphone symbol. This means that your microphone is ready for use. This will also have an echo effect in your headphones, and you should hear yourself in your headphones when speaking into the mic. The levels should fluctuate when you speak into the mic or play music from your itunes collection. Also open up Mixlr as the levels should fluctuate in that program too.


After this you are finally ready to broadcast. All you have to do is go back to the “My Broadcast” tab and hit “Start Broadcast”. I doubt you’ll be able to top my broadcasts (just kidding).


Creative Challenge Day 19




I made a house

Im teaching myself to use the pen tool in illustrator. Made this on my first attempt to create something. A simple house made purely from scratch. Took me quite a while and I plan to do much more complicated stuff in the near future.

Creative Challenge Day 19 (9-19-13)

stock-photo-diamond-125040506 copy

For this creative challenge i had to use a picture from the creative commons website, and write a famous quotation over it, making it look like a picture is worth a thousand words, which is what is expected for this assignmemt. So For my picture of choice I chose a  picture of a diamond and i used the quote, “shine bright like a diamond” since this quote has become popular due to the Rihanna song called, “shine bright like a diamond” i thought that this exact quote connects more with this CC licensed picture of it. In order for me to put the quote over the text, i used photoshop and then i used the text tool.

Creative Challenge Day 18 (9-18-13)

Miley-Cyrus-performs-at-the-MTV-VMA-2222819 copy Miley-Cyrus-performs-at-the-MTV-VMA-2222819

For this creative challenge i looked in the assignment bank and chose to do this visual assignment of creating a halftone affect to a image. For the software I chose to use was Photoshop. In order to do this assignment i had to drag my image into photoshop.

Here are the steps on how i did it below:

First, right click the image’s menu-bar and select “Duplicate, then click ok which then created a second copy of the image and then in the new image, go to Image ->Mode and select Grayscale and click ok, then go to Image -> Mode again and select Bitmap. Then make sure you have “Halftone Screen…” selected in the Method field and click ok. Adjust the field labeled Frequency. Choose any number between 1 and 999 and click OK. Keep doing this until the halftone pattern is the size you want it to be.Optional: There is a drop-down list at the bottom of the window labeled Shape. You can experiment with these to find the style that suits your picture!Go to Image -> Mode and select Grayscale. When prompted, input 1 and click OK. In the Layers window, double-click the “Background” layer and select OK. It should now read Layer 0. Using the Move Tool, drag the halftone image into the original window. You can now close the duplicate window. In the Layers window, open the first drop-down menu and select Overlay.

Creative Challenge Day 17 (9-17-13)

For this creative challenge I chose to look in the DS106 assignment bin and in visual assignments i chose this challenge where i could choose any picture and then just change the color around it using photoshop. Their is the link above. I chose the picture of Mickey mouse because he was always one of my favorite characters on Disney, and i used levels and curves to change the color of him on Photoshop.famous-cartoon-character-mickey-mouse-1 famous-cartoon-character-mickey-mouse copy

Creative Challenge

For this one I chose  a Ds106 design assignment which called for you to take a word and using only the font and size no color to give meaning to the word. The word I chose was imagination. I chose this word because the process of being creative involves the use  of your imagination.

Ds106 word assignment

Creative Challenge Day 16 (9-16-13)

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”  Dhirubhai Ambani

For this creative challenge I chose to talk about another one of my favorite quotes above. I like this quote a lot because I feel that it has alot of meaning to it, and I think that it is very true. In order for you to be who you want to be in life then you must work and try hard to get where you want to, and you must never settle for less because if you settle for less than you will get less then you deserve causing people at a higher level then you are at to think un-highly of you.

Creative Challenge Day 15 (9-15-13)

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 1.06.28 PM BULB-1For this creative challenge i chose to use adobe illustrator and i took a picture of a lightbulb on google image search and then i imported it into adobe illustrator and used all sorts of tools to effect and alter the lightbulb. This was kind of hard for me at first but based on what i learned in previous classes I chose to just do plenty of trial and errors into finally creating this abstract image. The picture on the left is the one i created, and the picture on the right is the original image.

Creative Challenge Day 14 (9-14-13)

Alasia new fa284 project For todays creative challenge I chose to use Photoshop and tell a story with all of these images. This picture represents how i felt when i moved from New York To Atlanta. As you can see the emoticon represents the sadness i felt and how heartbroken i was, and the airplane represents the traveling distance from NY to ATL and the map represents both states, the peach represents ATL because it is known as the peach state and it is their landmark, and the statue of liberty is for NY because that is Ny’s landmark. All images i got from google image search and i just imported them and used tools in PhotoShop to make the pic look creative so everyone would understand the story i was trying to tell in the picture.