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Final Reflections

1. I plan on completing the CT 490 class (internship) by the Summer semester. I haven’t gotten into contact with any companies yet, but I have an idea of the companies I would like to intern for. I spoke to a fellow CT class mate who gave me info on where to search for internships well.

2. I have drafted a plan using the syllabus provided by Prof Smith,  and spoke to him about it. I’m looking to take the final project class in the spring. I’m working on a short film (Fiction), I hope to have it fully shot by the time the semester starts, and use the semester to work on the editing portion of the film.

3. After taking the time to research myself, I realized with a common name like Nick Garcia, it would be very difficult to spot me online. Therefore I’m looking into developing my name for a professional level. At this point, I only have a Facebook which I use to promote my short films and production company with. I also have an Instagram and Tumbler, however those 2 media forums are under the production name of clear box pictures. After listening to the advice of one of the students in our class I realized the importance of having a name for yourself, rather than just a name behind a group. So I’m looking forward to developing my name in the future.

Cultivating Your ‘Real Name’ or Not

After Google searching my name, there was barely any information that popped up. I tried searching under Nick Garcia, Nicholas Garcia, #NickGarcia, and the only thing that popped up was a picture of a logo that was created a while back and I to scroll all the way to the end of the Google images search in order to see it. The first thing to pop up was a soccer player named Nick Garcia. I was able to find a little more things about myself and work when I searched under my production team name ClearBoxPictures. I was able to find the new logo me and my team designed, and a couple of images from our Instagram. I honestly expected this to happen because I’m not really one to post myself on the web often. I like my privacy and even with having a professional Facebook up it’s still hard to find me. A couple of things I am doing to fix this a bit is tagging my name more often when I post work etc. I’m in the brainstorm process of creating a professional blog with my best work. This way it would allow future business to find me and see what I have to offer easily. This is necessary for me to do especially with the career choice I am interested in.

Your Taste

For the most part I’m always finding time to work on something. I’m currently in the process of building a production company, and producing our first short film, with a group of close friends. With that written, I schedule meets every week to make sure everyone is on the same page and no one drifts off and gets lazy. We all have a job to do, as for me, I’m constantly trying to brainstorm ideas for a logo, writing and working on scripts, editing footage etc. The only thing I wish I had was more time. With work, and school, its really tough to realize the progress that may or may not be happening. However, I have learned that its better to take your time and focus on one thing at a time, and slowly but surely as time passes, take a step back and realize all the progress that is being done.


Creative Challege Day 15 (9/17/13)

Superman Pizza


For this Creative Challenge I decided to take a picture of my pizza. Not because I’m the type of person who needs to take a picture of his food and post it on FB or Instagram “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”-Jerry Seinfeld, but I took the picture of it because it quickly hit me the resemblance it had to the Superman Logo. Take a look at the pizza and the logo to compare. The similarities are uncanny!


Creative Challenge Day 14 (9/16/13)


For this Creative Challenge I chose to take a picture of some mural art. I was on my way to film a project I’ve been working on when I stumbled on the mural above. It really caught my attention and for some reason I wanted to learn more about it. After doing some research, I learned this piece of art was done to protest and showcase the communities beliefs on ending violence that which was a huge problem in the L.E.S or Lower East Side. I learned there were many youth protests, and rallies that were held to put an end to the violence that was being done in the neighborhood. This is a really powerful piece of art and even more powerful once you find out the meaning behind it.


Creative Challenge Day 12 (9/14/13)

BeforeSuperman Batman Logo


For this Creative Challenge I decided to do a Visual Assignment. The Assignment didn’t exactly come from the DS106 Assignment Bank. However, after looking through several Visual Assignments, I was inspired to come up with an assignment of my own. I decided to take a superhero and combine or swap their Super Hero Logo. So, I took Superman and gave him the Batman Logo over his chest. I did all my editing using Photoshop.



Creative Challenge Day 11 (9/13/13

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

For today’s Creative Challenge, I chose to do another DS106 “Mashup” Assignment. This Mashup was called 10 Second Song Mashup. The point of this project was to take five two second clips of music could be from a favorite artist or just your favorite songs and see if anyone can guess the songs those clips belong to. So for this project I chose 5 songs from another one of my favorite rap artists. Try and guess who the artist is and which songs I chose of his. Good luck!


Creative Challenge Day 10 (9/12/13)


Kenny The Joker


Joker South Park


For this Creative Challenge I decided to once again go with the DS106 Visual Assignment “Colorize Your World”, but add my own twist to it. I’m a huge Joker and South Park Fan. So the idea was to take the Joker and turn him into a South Park Character. Who knows, maybe Trey Parker and Matt Stone may use my Joker idea in one of their episodes. I basically took an image of Kenny and used his body as the base, I then took a picture of the Joker and cut his head out and pasted it to the body of Kenny. I did all this using Photoshop.


Creative Challenge Day 9 (9/11/13)



AfterHulk Cartman


For this Creative Challenge I decided to take the idea of the DS106 Visual Assignment “Colorize Your World” and add my own idea to it. So I took a picture of a cartoon of my choice (Eric Cartman from South Park), and decided to turn him into another cartoon character the Hulk. This project was done using Photoshop.