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Final Reflection

Final Reflection

1. My internship plan is coming together, however it is coming together very slowly. I have a contact that is actually an amazing contact that Id hate to see slip out of my hands. I don’t want to say who it is in fear that it might fall through (that tends to happen to me a lot), but he owns a very well known company that is known for all kinds of designs whether it be websites, clothing, urban sportswear, or art in general. I’m currently still waiting on an email response from the last time we spoke but he seems to be a very busy man. My friend who knows him personally plugged me in and vouched for me, so my chances at this point seem pretty high. The only question is…..when. I originally had planned to do this for the spring semester but at this point it doesn’t seem very likely and I might have to do it in the summer.
2. My final project plan is set in stone and im pretty confident about it. I have completed a draft of what I want to do and need to have it reviewed.
3. I began to work on my digital presence first by weeding out what I don’t want to show up when I google myself. I then plan to taking old work and new work that I have done and aggregate them into one big collection. I made a new vimeo account to upload some videos, and on myyoutube account I am trying to figure out how to change my handle to better suit me.

Googling myself

So I went online and googled my name to see what the vast sea of the interwebs has to show me about myself. I was hoping to see previous work show up that I had uploaded online for school projects in the past as well as possibly some accurate facebook information. Turns out none of this came up! Not even on the second page! It was a little disheartening to see how many other Alejandro Baez’s exist in this world. I found this a little weird being that all the sites I go on, for example YouTube, is linked to my google plus profile under my real name and still did not show up. Instead I saw a bunch of mugshots of guys from Mexico. Never knew my first name was a predominantly Mexican name. I also came across various Twitter handles with my name in them. I do also have a twitter but it is under a completely different handle that does not pertain to my name at all. This made me realize that this was all done on purpose and I just forgot I had done it. About 6 months ago the whole NSA situation got me real paranoid, and in turn I decided to go on all my social networks and strip as much personal information off of them as possible. I know realize that if I want to make anywhere in this business, a strong social presence is needed. Therefore I began to populate my vimeo, twitter, and facebook with some real info.

Creative Challenge Day 19




I made a house

Im teaching myself to use the pen tool in illustrator. Made this on my first attempt to create something. A simple house made purely from scratch. Took me quite a while and I plan to do much more complicated stuff in the near future.

I started my own little freelance business where I make logos and business cards. To ease the workload I have been making random vectors of all kinds that I might end up using again. I made this demented cupcake


Creative Challenge Day 1

A little late on posting these, but I went to Nevada over the weekend and took some pics. Decided to bring my laptop with me and make a few pics for the Creative Challenge. Here’s day 1. I combined me landing in Vegas over a backdrop of Los Santos, the city in which GTA V takes place. Can’t wait!


Day 1