Who Is Horace Hunt? – Final Project Reflection

Originally the plan for the final project was to make a series of historical documents with the use of this fictional character Samson created called Horace Hunt. When I joined Samson, we were in the works of figuring out exactly how we would execute his original intentions, while creating a storyline, as writing was something we both needed to do in order to get things rolling. We had a tough start in the beginning. It had appeared to be a lot easier than it actually was. We needed that little push in the right direction that would help to get our juices flowing.

I was delegated to do majority of the writing while Samson did majority of the editing of the things we created. We generally worked together on everything overall however. Every Monday and Friday we met for about two hours and just worked, and anytime in between we could meet we did. We exchanged ideas and pretty much played off of each other to make the story as successful as we possibly could after getting a bump in the right direction from Professor Smith.

Overall the project was tons of fun. We went through a lot of trials and tribulations as even some of the things that had changed originally like the entire storyline itself, other minor things changed as well once we examined some of the resources we had available to us.

We spent most of the semester making things that could be edited in photoshop until we had a revelation at a part of our story where video would definitely work best.

Reginald Rodgers (Samson Seligson) and Quinn McKenzie (Me) had made an attempt to get the temporal modificator from RuPhs after Rodgers had already gotten kicked out. In our process we discovered that James Junior (Dwayne Pierre), the Society President, had been heading into the past, the year 1955. Following this we set out to find him, and that’s where our video making began.

Unfortunately it wasn’t as early in the semester as it could’ve been, however I do believe we did a great job with the videos that we did get to do, once we realized how great of an idea that was.

Samson got to put a lot of his humor into the story that way which was something he wanted to do from the jump, but we just couldn’t figure out exactly how.

We did a lot of green screen work this semester, as well as used photoshop and aftereffects. I learned a ton of things about green screen editing working with Samson so it was to my benefit and I’m really excited about it.

The green screen was necessary to put us in places we never actually were since our project took a direction where it took place in the past in London, England; as well as since we were going to places like a pub.

We used aftereffects to edit our videos, and photoshop to edit our images.

We posted all the videos to youtube, for easy access and embedding into our tumblr page and we created a tumblr page of course which hosts all of our work and hosted as the space in which we told our story. The link is below:



The only thing I would change in this process is having gotten an earlier start with videos, other than that I think everything went great and I’m really happen with what we were able to come up with. Especially after the struggle at first. This helped me to free my mind a little more so I was able to write in a way that was good for our story, and I got to learn more about green screen in the process.


Here are all the works we’ve completed thus far:

The RuPH Life

The Letter

The Future’s Past Pub

The Temporal Modificator

Episode: Inconsequential


Overall this was tons of fun, and this would definitely be something I will want to continue.