Finishing Trophies

1. Internship Plan – Semester you plan to complete the CT 490 or CT 491 class. Have you identified an actual location or not. If it’s next semester or the subsequent (spring or summer) is the contact confirmed? Have you made arrangements with Daniel between the location supervisor and him?

I am planning my internship in Summer 2014. I have not made any arrangements yet.

2. Final Project Plan – Have you drafted a plan using the syllabus I attached? Have you had it reviewed by Prof. Smith? Do you have a semester in mind to complete your final project?

Yes. I have drafted a plan using the syllabus attached. I will forward it to Prof. Smith immediately. I would like to complete my final project in Spring 2014.

3. Digital Presence Plan – You were supposed to have written about your ‘ego surfing’(googling oneself), and from that you were supposed to have thought about how you’d like to frame yourself online. This is not only a big decision, but an ever evolving process – domain of one’s own? Social Networks? Aggregating to another space? Pseduonymetry?  Try to articulate where you are with your digital presence and what you are doing to change it or plans for change. Are you intentional enough with what you are putting online to frame yourself academically? Professionally? And even your personality?

I have written a ego surfing already. I would like to frame my self with a strong business , professional web designer and professional dancer image. I have a domain for each of them and social network. However, I am not intentional enough with what I am putting online to frame myself academically, professionally and personally.

My Plan

On first line of my ego surfing, I would like to show my tango shoes business. Second, I would like to show my dancing skills and third line , I would like to show my web design skills. At the moment, The first and the second one are happening when I Google myself. However, nobody knows about my webdesign skills until I go to to the second page fourth link which shows my web designer site. Thus, I would like this result to be in the first lines from the first page of my ego surfing.