A work in progress, completed – Final project reflection

This has been a weird semester for me because for final project nothing went as planned. There has been countless setbacks that prevented me and my group from doing the original pitch that we presented. The very first pitch was a trip to Ecuador following “Ket” and “Lady Pink”. It was to do a Museum documentary on Ecuadorian graffiti. But that plan feel apart due to no funding for the trip. Now after that we wanted to create a series of episodic short documentaries on three graffiti writers. But we soon realized with time that this pitch was not possible. The project feel apart once we realized that our connection to the writers was too busy (Ket) to be available for the original pitch. So we could not get in contact with the rest of the writers because we personally did not know them. Now that Ket was not available to help us because of his schedule, we had to come up with a back up plan that was achievable and something that related to the original pitch. Since we were able to meet “Part”, we were able to think of a new version for the project. This idea was to do a theme project based on the teaching of graffiti. So the new idea was graffiti in the class room.

Now that we had a basis for our project. We began a search to find more graffiti writers to be part of our project. Part one was a choice for the project because we were able get footage of him with his after school graffiti class. With that being done we needed more writers that fit the criteria. A few weeks went buy and we were introduced to Ryan Seslow. He has a background in graffiti art and was also a teacher. He was another perfect candidate for the project. Now with time running out we had to make sure we were able to get as much footage as possible. This became somewhat of a hassle because of scheduling but in the end it came together. We were able to get enough footage to tell a consist story. Throughout the whole project my roles were a cameraman and graphics.

The project was coming along but since we started a little late we were behind on our editing schedule but it worked out somehow and we able to finish the edits in time. A major lesson learned from this project is that you should never solely rely on one individual to achieve anything in general. It becomes unnecessary stressful when things does not play out as you thought it would. The follow up situation is not a good one to go around scrambling to figure out how you will get the problem solved.