Final Reflections

1. I plan on completing the CT 490 class (internship) by the Summer semester. I haven’t gotten into contact with any companies yet, but I have an idea of the companies I would like to intern for. I spoke to a fellow CT class mate who gave me info on where to search for internships well.

2. I have drafted a plan using the syllabus provided by Prof Smith,  and spoke to him about it. I’m looking to take the final project class in the spring. I’m working on a short film (Fiction), I hope to have it fully shot by the time the semester starts, and use the semester to work on the editing portion of the film.

3. After taking the time to research myself, I realized with a common name like Nick Garcia, it would be very difficult to spot me online. Therefore I’m looking into developing my name for a professional level. At this point, I only have a Facebook which I use to promote my short films and production company with. I also have an Instagram and Tumbler, however those 2 media forums are under the production name of clear box pictures. After listening to the advice of one of the students in our class I realized the importance of having a name for yourself, rather than just a name behind a group. So I’m looking forward to developing my name in the future.