Alasia’s CT 399 Post On Internship, Final Project Proposal, & Digital Presence

During the course of this class i must say that I have learned a lot on what “researching” actually is, and discovering new things every single day. From the beginning of the semester until now, I have learned a lot about myself in terms of my career and the steps i will take to achieve it. I learned the difference between applying for an internship and actually going out to get one, which i finally have and will be starting in the Spring (CT490) that has been confirmed by Daniel. I will, be interning for a with a Multimedia Production company doing plenty of production work such as filming videos off and on set with my employer, editing, and even doing some broadcasting work. I already started completing some hours for my internship, i started on November 29th, and my first job was helping to film a concert for a caribbean music singer named Sanchez, who i also got a chance to interview on camera and i did plenty of behind the scenes work with the video production crew i worked with on that day.   I am really looking forward to achieving both great work, and my digital presence. As of now, my digital presence is mainly my YouTube and Vimeo channel. I post all of my animation work and videos and all of the projects I have completed in my current and previous classes/semesters in the hopes that everyone would see my work and give me feedback on it. I kind of am currently using YouTube as a “backup portfolio” until i start reclaiming my old website domain which was and maybe sort of using that site to have all of my work under, and more professional. When it comes to my final project, I do have my plan, but i have not yet proposed it to Prof. Smith because i am planning on taking the Final Project class in the Fall of 2014 in which will be my last semester at York, and since it would be the final project of my year i would rather spend more time on that, rather than fitting it into my crazy schedule for next semester. In one of my blog posts i talk about my final project idea, which is a documentary on a  transgendered male. After taking then CT 210 class, i noticed that I have more of a passion for filming and making individual pieces that have a story behind it.