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Who am I?

Who am I ?
When I google my name by itself my affiliation with York College Women’s Basketball is the first thing that comes up. When I add video to my name a mini documentary of mines comes up that was on YouTube. As well as my Facebook account although it’s pseudo named but all the references on the first page are me as the pages start to turn less of them are me. Id like my most recent work to come up when my name is googled. My blog is currently disabled so when I reenable it id like it to come up first because that is where all my work is. When my name is googled that is what i would like to be shown first.

Google search of my name: Yaisuri Salamanca

I did a search of my name: Yaisuri Salamaca on Google and this is what I found:

google_yaisurisalamancaOn the first and second line, we can see my personal website for dancing and my shoe  business. The third line is my LinkedIn Account that contains my dance professional resume. The next four lines are about my most recent and viewed performances. The eighth line is my Facebook account for my personal profile. The next line shows a row of images of my dancing. Then, I can see a link to my biography from the latest contract I had in the United Kingdom. Before the last line, I can see my shoe business page on Facebook. The last line of the first page links to my Google plus profile which contains publicity of my shoe business. The clue words that Google display to find other search of my name are: yaisuri salamanca tango, yaisuri salamanca salsa, contact yaisuri salamanca and tango wear shoes. There are 12 pages that links to my name.

In the second page, there is a link to my Flickr account that goes to my dance pictures. The second links goes to my Google Plus profile that contains a mix of my shoes business information, dancing and a school project. The third line links to my DS106 account which shows very cool little posts and projects. The fourth line is my web designer website. Yeah! The next two links are about teaching Tango classes. The next website links to my WordPress Web Designer site which show some of my personal information as phone and email account. mmm I should erase that! Before the last link, I can see a review of my dancing skill which is awesome.

In the third page, I found this profile: which contains information of my business that is not updated and also that I do not want to display. I have also found another profile that is not updated and that has been created automatically based on my information on the web: Some more good reviews about my teaching skills =) Again, my business is being listed on this website that ask me to claim it and updated it

In the fourth page, I can see my Twitter account  and more information about my dancing and teaching. Also, found that I will be assisting to the New York Shoe Expo: I have forgotten about this -(

In the fifth page, I have my SoundCloud account and more dancing and teaching reviews.

In the sixth page, my SquareUp shoe business account which is an E-commerce solution. It is very important to keep it updated: There are couple of Tango Videos that I would like not to display but I do not know how to do this =(

 The rest of the pages are more reviews about my dancing and teaching with different dance partners. The last page is not really my name.

I definitely would like to update all my profiles in the web and to position my shoe business, dancing and web design websites in the first page. Then, I would like to erase couple of videos that I do not like and that somebody else posted them and tagged me. Also, I would like to erase my personal phone number from the web and other personal information as well.

Cultivating Your ‘Real Name’ or Not

After Google searching my name, there was barely any information that popped up. I tried searching under Nick Garcia, Nicholas Garcia, #NickGarcia, and the only thing that popped up was a picture of a logo that was created a while back and I to scroll all the way to the end of the Google images search in order to see it. The first thing to pop up was a soccer player named Nick Garcia. I was able to find a little more things about myself and work when I searched under my production team name ClearBoxPictures. I was able to find the new logo me and my team designed, and a couple of images from our Instagram. I honestly expected this to happen because I’m not really one to post myself on the web often. I like my privacy and even with having a professional Facebook up it’s still hard to find me. A couple of things I am doing to fix this a bit is tagging my name more often when I post work etc. I’m in the brainstorm process of creating a professional blog with my best work. This way it would allow future business to find me and see what I have to offer easily. This is necessary for me to do especially with the career choice I am interested in.