Final Project Idea : * A Home Away From Home

The series is going to be about the love of the game and the heights the game has taking players that I’ve met at York college, and how basketball (may include other sports)  has helped them learn life lessons.  As well as the platform that it has helped set for them. I chose this project for the fact that I am a student athlete and sometimes people assume that because you are that you have it made and there is no real essential talent that goes into it. There are people who play for fun and their are people who play or engage in these activities because it is more than just a game to them. I will want to portray what the game or chosen sport means to each player. For me it was always a form of therapy. Time frame 5-7 mins each.

The first thing i want to establish is the common setting and the connection between the people. In doing so i will do an opening shot of the Health and Physical Education Building of York College more so focusing on the building in its entirety and the scenic setting because the building is the main domain for student athletes and coaches. Each Talent will have a shot of them coming from different directions to the building.

The second thing i want to establish will be there connection to the sport which gives them common ground but their experiences will set them apart. In the sense i will have a coach and player aspect and also show their engagement with the sport and others while they interact with this sport. Will incorporate the interview segment in the body of their segment.

The closing structure is what I’m having trouble with i think i want the last scene to the talent in the gym by their selves with the ball as if in there own zone and a shot of the ball just bouncing and then rolling. Im not really sure though I’m open to feed back. Thanks in advance

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  1. Prof. Michael Smith

    An example of traditional structure for these kind of short portrait documentaries:

    1. Hook – something that draws the audience in and speaks to something fundamental about the character and the context of that person’s story. For your characters, this could be a statement of a kind of struggle. Whether it’s a struggle in life or the sport. This hook should likely be built as a collaboration between you and the character, because you having been a student athlete will likely have some notion of what their struggle might be. But you never what you’re going to learn from your character.

    2. Some backstory – you need to ground the audience with some biographical information about the character. The sport they play. The community they are from. Anything you believe is important so that audience has some context for this character.

    3. The fundamental details that you want to reveal about the character’s experience as a student athlete. Could be the practice routine, that they also have a fulltime job, their major, etc. But these should somehow be related to the struggle established in the hook.

    4. The Closing – The what does it all mean moment. How in this particular portrait doc lead to the student athlete finding some resolution with the struggle. It doesn’t mean they solve the problem. But it could mean they learn something from it, they find resolution either way positive/negative. This is where the character being most authentic matters. Don’t let your character of the hook and let them be cool or uncaring. This is the hardest part.

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