What’s Your Taste?

You spent week creating something everyday and posting it on this blog. You may not have actually done everyday. Why not? But regardless I believe that you revealed something about your taste in what you like to make and how you made it.

My taste is to brainstorm ideas for my new website. I want to make an online shop where people can create their own product. It would be something like this: milkandhoneyshoes.com. I have a made a research and a company charges $14.000 dollars to make it. This company:  http://www.no-refresh.com Then, there is another company that charges $5.000. At this point, I have decided to either do it my self or not doing it at all.

I have other taste, it is to design shoes. As part of my business I have to design a new collection of shoes every season. Now, I am working on the fall-winter collection. For this, I visit galleries and museums to get ideas and to refresh my mind. I also look at women feet a lot and visit shoe stores every time I walk by one. Then, I choose a day when I can sit down with different prints of shoe styles and materials color and start making combinations. All this is based on the clientele that buy shoes from me already and the tendency of the market depending on the best seller brands and shoe styles which I research by going to similar websites and businesses like mine.

Also, I am working on designing the publicity like business cards, postcards and a catalog. This consumes a lot of time because I do several different designs and is difficult to come up with something that is creative but at the same time is not confusing and says what I want to say. I like to create things that are simple to read but with a good taste look. I am happy with the color selection but I have a lot of difficulties coming up with a clean layout and idea.

Because designing and brainstorming is a must, I dedicate good time of my week in creating and thinking of new ideas to build up good taste to be successful. In general, I am always reading, thinking and listening to radio.


One thought on “What’s Your Taste?

  1. batmandres1024

    You have a very interesting concept of project. One of which I have never even imagined possible and yet so innovating and creative. You are essentially creating an audience and through that allow them to collaborate in designs for products. I wish you the best of luck. Something as fresh as that idea can be very challenging as you have to create a structure and it’s all trial and error. Obviously, nothing you’re not aware of but best of luck!

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