My Taste

My Taste

I love to create this is my passion that I eat, Not Sleep (because I’m always up working), but I live to do. I actually was creating something everyday, for my clients that is why I did not get a chance to post like I should. However, I cannot use that as an excuse why I did not post.


What is my taste?  I like to create Quality, realistic, revolutionary type of graphics and designs, when it comes to filming or Photography, cinematic type of feel. When I design, I like to design what most people call out of the box. If I create a magazine I want it to look like a real magazine, or if someone hire me to create a brochure I want it to look like an actually brochure you may see in a hospital, bank or store.


Quality- Clean and professional

Realistic – It looks like a real design that you would see on a billboard

Revolutionary –Designing against all the rules of designing yet creating a masterpiece.



When it comes to creating I actually learn as I go, I catch on very fast. If I do not understand something, I will go to YouTube University and exercise what I learn from various tutorials. Sometimes I can create things people may love it and I look at it and hate it, I always feel like I can give more. The problem is I do not know how. I can visualize something so perfect, I get to the computer, and it is like a balloon that deflates. Its very frustrating but I know that I can do it, I am just trying to push myself. I believe I need to surround myself around more creative people; sometimes I can be a loner. I believe the first steps to the journey are to change everything.  My professor mentions he surrounds himself around creative people, which I only do when I’m at school.


So to better myself and taste I plan to network more. Plant myself around more creative people for knowledge, inspiration and understanding. I also plan to take out time  (well discipline myself) to practice. One thing I learned about the creative challenge is that, I did not take time out for myself and focus or stay committed. Just the smallest thing that helps you to become better, Commitment to small things, so in the future I can be better. People want integral and reliable people.

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  1. batmandres1024

    As a CT Major we are all bound to distractions but as long as you remember your goal you’ll stay on course. I’ve glanced at some of your work and I’m impressed by it. Keep it up!

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