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Drafting your Final Project Proposal

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Brian Tobin

The final project class CT 401 requires that you submit a proposal for approval before you may register for the class. This proposal should serve as a blueprint for how you plan to complete your project by the end of the semester in which you register for final project.

Why do you need to do this? Why bother with a detailed plan? There are really two answers to this actually. The obvious one is that if you have a good plan, it shows you’re prepared and ready to do the work it will take to complete your final project. But the more important reason to have a good plan is that it will allow you to be more creative. How?

Good plans are ones that show tremendous amounts of preparation. But as  the old saying goes, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray,’ and it is for this reason that I would argue being well prepared allows you to work through the problems with your plan that will inevitably arise. Your ability to adapt a plan is developed by working very diligently on the original plan itself. In making a detailed plan you are likely to discover gaps that need to be filled before you even start your project. So when the unexpected gaps are revealed during the project, you’ve already had practice filling them.

We approach your proposal by thinking about the following:

  1. A precise description of the scope of the project. (For example if you plan to make a film, a treatment must be attached)
  2. A description of the relevance of the project. (Who is your audience? Why make this project?)
  3. A timeline for completion of the project (production schedule) including dates for meeting various “milestones.”
  4. Resources you will need for this project and how you will get them.
  5. Places you plan to exhibit the project. (Online, in the small theater, etc.)

As you start your proposal, you will need to create your own syllabus for the class. Effectively detailing what you will make, how, resources, timeline, and even how you wish for your project to be evaluated for a final grade. Use this skeleton syllabus which explains each part to be completed.


What’s Your Taste?

You spent week creating something everyday and posting it on this blog. You may not have actually done everyday. Why not? But regardless I believe that you revealed something about your taste in what you like to make and how you made it.

My taste is to brainstorm ideas for my new website. I want to make an online shop where people can create their own product. It would be something like this: I have a made a research and a company charges $14.000 dollars to make it. This company: Then, there is another company that charges $5.000. At this point, I have decided to either do it my self or not doing it at all.

I have other taste, it is to design shoes. As part of my business I have to design a new collection of shoes every season. Now, I am working on the fall-winter collection. For this, I visit galleries and museums to get ideas and to refresh my mind. I also look at women feet a lot and visit shoe stores every time I walk by one. Then, I choose a day when I can sit down with different prints of shoe styles and materials color and start making combinations. All this is based on the clientele that buy shoes from me already and the tendency of the market depending on the best seller brands and shoe styles which I research by going to similar websites and businesses like mine.

Also, I am working on designing the publicity like business cards, postcards and a catalog. This consumes a lot of time because I do several different designs and is difficult to come up with something that is creative but at the same time is not confusing and says what I want to say. I like to create things that are simple to read but with a good taste look. I am happy with the color selection but I have a lot of difficulties coming up with a clean layout and idea.

Because designing and brainstorming is a must, I dedicate good time of my week in creating and thinking of new ideas to build up good taste to be successful. In general, I am always reading, thinking and listening to radio.


My Taste

My Taste

I love to create this is my passion that I eat, Not Sleep (because I’m always up working), but I live to do. I actually was creating something everyday, for my clients that is why I did not get a chance to post like I should. However, I cannot use that as an excuse why I did not post.


What is my taste?  I like to create Quality, realistic, revolutionary type of graphics and designs, when it comes to filming or Photography, cinematic type of feel. When I design, I like to design what most people call out of the box. If I create a magazine I want it to look like a real magazine, or if someone hire me to create a brochure I want it to look like an actually brochure you may see in a hospital, bank or store.


Quality- Clean and professional

Realistic – It looks like a real design that you would see on a billboard

Revolutionary –Designing against all the rules of designing yet creating a masterpiece.



When it comes to creating I actually learn as I go, I catch on very fast. If I do not understand something, I will go to YouTube University and exercise what I learn from various tutorials. Sometimes I can create things people may love it and I look at it and hate it, I always feel like I can give more. The problem is I do not know how. I can visualize something so perfect, I get to the computer, and it is like a balloon that deflates. Its very frustrating but I know that I can do it, I am just trying to push myself. I believe I need to surround myself around more creative people; sometimes I can be a loner. I believe the first steps to the journey are to change everything.  My professor mentions he surrounds himself around creative people, which I only do when I’m at school.


So to better myself and taste I plan to network more. Plant myself around more creative people for knowledge, inspiration and understanding. I also plan to take out time  (well discipline myself) to practice. One thing I learned about the creative challenge is that, I did not take time out for myself and focus or stay committed. Just the smallest thing that helps you to become better, Commitment to small things, so in the future I can be better. People want integral and reliable people.

Your Taste

For the most part I’m always finding time to work on something. I’m currently in the process of building a production company, and producing our first short film, with a group of close friends. With that written, I schedule meets every week to make sure everyone is on the same page and no one drifts off and gets lazy. We all have a job to do, as for me, I’m constantly trying to brainstorm ideas for a logo, writing and working on scripts, editing footage etc. The only thing I wish I had was more time. With work, and school, its really tough to realize the progress that may or may not be happening. However, I have learned that its better to take your time and focus on one thing at a time, and slowly but surely as time passes, take a step back and realize all the progress that is being done.


My Taste

My Taste i’m interested in a lot of different things but I would like to work in sports media. Most of my ideas are sports driven. Im into a lot of action and the different emotions that these sports bring to people and the different groups of people that are drawn to sporting events. I like bright and catchy things that catch ones attention. My taste is helping me come up with my final project synopsis. Here is a preview open to feedback :

The idea I have been pondering for sometime now is a miniseries called : Eat , Sleep , Basketball ( tentative to change) .

The series is going to be about the love of the game and the heights the game has taking players that I’ve met at York college, and how basketball  has helped them learn life lessons.  As well as the platform that it has helped set for them. I chose this project for the fact that I am a student athlete and sometimes people assume that because you are that you have it made and there is no real essential talent that goes into it. There are people who play for fun and their are people who play or engage in these activities because it is more than just a game to them.

The series will take on parts of people who have , will or are doing these things now.

All the series will probably be about 8-10 minutes each so far i have 4 candidates that have I in mind and 2 already have signed on .

Their are 4 main components that are meant to establish a connection between all of the people involved but they will all have their own tale to tell .

This idea came to me over the summer i was at the movies with some friends and I had been bouncing ideas off of them and what not. In a point in the movie the idea came to me and so i would not forget i whipped out my phone and started writing it down.  I have an idea and how i want it to look and the structure that i want it to fulfill.


My Taste

So over these past 3 weeks, i had to make something everyday. I must say that this process was kind of frustrating, yet i learned how to truly stay committed to doing something everyday, and it sort of became a habit for me which kind of made me start enjoying it. The reasons why I would get frustrated is because it took me a long time to figure out exactly what I wanted to make, so i chose to look on in the assignment bank for help. I would always look in the visual assignments or the writing assignment because visual things and writing happen to be my top 2 favorite things to spend my time on. So everyday whenever i caught a little break and free time to myself i would squeeze in a creative challenge of just about anything that came to my mind and also the daily creates that i saw on the ds106 website. Although i’m not really a big fan of labeling myself as a person because I believe that no one truly knows who they are or what they want to do in life until they have gotten the chance to experience “EVERYTHING” in your field in order to finally narrow it down to that “1” thing you love the most. So…with that being said i could describe myself as a “SEEKER” meaning that i like to seek out opportunity and almost try everything so that i can really get the feel of what i love, and so far i’m loving everything. Although its hard to actually have free time or hang with friends or significant others… you have to make a lot of sacrifices sometimes to get to where you want to go in life. So like people always say “it is what it is”. When it comes to my work, i think i need to work a little bit more on my editing skills in after effects, final cut pro, photoshop, and also audio work even though i know the basics and a few more other things that i am happy with, i still think that i could always learn more. When it comes to making time for myself, i found out that i have to work more on trying to balance out everything, and sleeping less….lol. One thing i do, that helps me a lot in balancing out my school life and my work life is i take a paper each day and i write a to-do list in order, the order it would go in is from the top of the list being whatever assignment is due first and the bottom of the list would be whatever is due later on. That way, i can balance out my time and figure out on my calendar when i can fit in the time to do each assignment. I find this way less stressful for me because it helps me organize my life and my time because i noticed that i stress myself out more whenever i am not organized, or when i don’t have a set out plan and it also helps me remember things better.

Mixlr Tutorial

As all of you know by now, I am doing a Radio Show entitled “Lyrical Graffiti” as my final project. Many have wondered how I put on such a quality production whilst working from home. In this blog post, I will now do a tutorial on how I set up the software for my shows. The first thing you will need is a microphone (preferrably USB). I personally use the Yeti Pro which has an excellent sound quality. It will also help to have a high quality pair of headphones to be able to monitor your sound. I use the Beats By Dr. Dre Pros. It is very important that you plug your headphones into your microphone as opposed to your computer. Now the way I set up will not be for everyone as it all depends on what mic you have. Here is a pic of my setup:



Next you will need to download four programs if you dont already have them: Mixlr, Itunes, Audacity, and Skype. All four of these programs are FREE. First you will start by opening Mixlr:



After you open Mixlr, you should scroll over to the audio source tab. From there you need to click on the audio source tab. From there you should see the scroll down menu that says audio source. From there you will need to select what device you will use.




As I stated before, my mic is the Yeti Pro. Now it is VERY IMPORTANT that you choose your microphone the first time it is listed. This is important as the first listing is listed under what they call a “loopback device”. The second option is an input device. Choosing your mic as a loop back device is very important as it will enable mixlr to broadcast whatever you hear in your headphones as well as whatever sound the mic picks up as an input device will only allow mixlr to broadcast what the mic picks up. Also, from here you will need to open the program Audacity.



From here the first thing you should do is go to the microphone icon and right click the upside down triangle to the right of it. From here, you should scroll down and click on the “Start Monitoring” tab.



Following this, you should scroll to the left and select your input source, which in my case is the Yeti Pro.



From here, you should see green and red bars highlighted in audacity above the aforementioned microphone symbol. This means that your microphone is ready for use. This will also have an echo effect in your headphones, and you should hear yourself in your headphones when speaking into the mic. The levels should fluctuate when you speak into the mic or play music from your itunes collection. Also open up Mixlr as the levels should fluctuate in that program too.


After this you are finally ready to broadcast. All you have to do is go back to the “My Broadcast” tab and hit “Start Broadcast”. I doubt you’ll be able to top my broadcasts (just kidding).


Creative Challenge Day 19




I made a house

Im teaching myself to use the pen tool in illustrator. Made this on my first attempt to create something. A simple house made purely from scratch. Took me quite a while and I plan to do much more complicated stuff in the near future.

Creative Challenge Day 19 (9-19-13)

stock-photo-diamond-125040506 copy

For this creative challenge i had to use a picture from the creative commons website, and write a famous quotation over it, making it look like a picture is worth a thousand words, which is what is expected for this assignmemt. So For my picture of choice I chose a  picture of a diamond and i used the quote, “shine bright like a diamond” since this quote has become popular due to the Rihanna song called, “shine bright like a diamond” i thought that this exact quote connects more with this CC licensed picture of it. In order for me to put the quote over the text, i used photoshop and then i used the text tool.