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Creative Challenge Day 1 (8-30-13)

For my first creative challenge I chose to do one of the daily creates which was to build a monster out of items in your kitchen and post a photo of it. So out of all the items in my kitchen i found a green pepper and i used a knife to cut out the eyes and a scary shaped mouth in the form of a monster, and then i left the knife inside of the head of the green pepper to kind of . The reason wy i chose to make this was because it seemed both challenging and fun to do at the same time, and i enjoyed looking at other users photos and seeing what unique monsters they came up with.

Is someone to twist my arm make me do work

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Frank V.

For the next three weeks (while we’re apart) I’m challenging you to create something everyday and present it on this blog. You can create ANYTHING, but you must document it and present it here. It can be a work in progress, a drawing, doodle, photo, design, animated GIF, audio/video recording, writing, meme, craft project, great meal, sculpture, but it has to be something you made THAT DAY. Not something you made a week, month, year ago, but today. New work can be based on old work though – remix, rework, mashup is all allowed.

And if you’re stumped, then try looking at the DS106 Assignment Repository or follow the Daily Create for a daily creative prompt. There are lots of fun stuff in the assignment repository and you can often find better assignments try sorting them by views.

Post what you’ve made and categorize it under “Creative Challenge.” Also, you must, must write a description of how and why you made what you did. And please hyperlink to sites that were an inspiration or source of remixed media.